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Outrage of the Week -

I can't go into much detail right now because I'm at work and want to keep this brief. Later on today I'll be posting about these war protesters who are protesting outside one of the military hospitals.

I think this is unbelievably tacky and rude of the protesters. If they want to protest the way, why can't they picket the White House or--what a concept--do something useful with their lives and get jobs?

I don't have any objection to protesting the war. But I don't like organized, days-long protests, and I really don't like them treating our soldiers to their anger at the situation. If anything, we should be appreciative of the men and women who go to Iraq to fight.

See, to me, it was never about weapons of mass destruction. To me, it has always been about the terrorists and those who harbor them. That's why I don't protest the war.

Anyway--work to go. See you later!

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