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Tuesday Happened

Work: Work went reasonably well. I made a dent in my action list, which was a Good Thing. I still have a few questions about some items, but the process of doing a purchase order doesn't make me nervous that I'll screw it up anymore. I just have to bull through the pile and get them done.

We're having a going-away breakfast in the morning for one of my co-workers. She has just been named the new Director for Vocational Teaching at Houston's Lighthouse for the Blind, so we're quite happy for her. I hope the pay and benefits will be worth it. Admittedly, state pay is not much, but LOH is a non-profit organization. Anyway, I'll be bringing bearclaw pastries to the breakfast. *drool.*

Not much else going on, as work is primarily what's on my mind, these days. :)

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