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Tuesday at Work

Work: Purchase orders for low vsion aids are hairy. We have to use what are called MAPS codes to key them in, and those have to be looked up when the doctor doesn't include them. Meh.

I attended my first staff meeting today. The speaker was a Dr. Randy Jose from the University of Houston Center for Sight Enhancement. He talked about driving with a bioptic lens. I would really like to see if I could learn to drive. I never held out much hope for it before, but there's apparently a website called Bioptic Drivers, so I will give that a look.

Tomorrow, I have a ton of purchase orders to process for Orientation & Mobility instruction. Must get on to that.

Writing: Paul Graves was gnawing at my mind again this morning. I need to come up with a story for him because he is driving me crazy. The problem is finding something that would give him deep internal conflict but that would not be as insanity-making as being the equivalent of a Death-Eater when he doesn't want to be. I really like writing moral conflict with him, and I just plain enjoy writing Paul in general. But I've got to find a balance, and finding it is hard.

Sleep: I got a decent night's sleep last night! Maybe my body has finally gotten back to normal after being screwed up by that night in the ER a week ago.

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