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I should clean my room more often. There's just no telling what I'm likely to find.

Today, I was burrowing into a pile of stuff and came across all sorts of books I'd forgotten I owned--one on head injuries, one on starting a small business, The O'Reilly Factor by Bill O'Reilly, and a book on novel writing.

But the real gem was Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich. I am definitely digging out the reading glasses for that one, even if using them does feel like I'm peering through a fishbowl. Wow! When did I get a book by Julian? I'll put it right up with my copy of The Cloud of Unknowing and my book about Margery Kempe, if I can find that one. Margery was a bit of a character. Rather religiously excitable and bombastic, the kind of person who would get purposely left behind when ships set sail, in the medieval era.

It's kind of amusing to discover that people were the same, even back then.

I also found my two favorite Renaissance Festival hats, a burgundy velour top that I don't remember buying, but I like it, and my denim vest.

If only my business suits still fit. :(

Must diet. Must diet. Must diet....

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