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Aerden [userpic]

I should clean my room more often. There's just no telling what I'm likely to find.

Today, I was burrowing into a pile of stuff and came across all sorts of books I'd forgotten I owned--one on head injuries, one on starting a small business, The O'Reilly Factor by Bill O'Reilly, and a book on novel writing.

But the real gem was Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich. I am definitely digging out the reading glasses for that one, even if using them does feel like I'm peering through a fishbowl. Wow! When did I get a book by Julian? I'll put it right up with my copy of The Cloud of Unknowing and my book about Margery Kempe, if I can find that one. Margery was a bit of a character. Rather religiously excitable and bombastic, the kind of person who would get purposely left behind when ships set sail, in the medieval era.

It's kind of amusing to discover that people were the same, even back then.

I also found my two favorite Renaissance Festival hats, a burgundy velour top that I don't remember buying, but I like it, and my denim vest.

If only my business suits still fit. :(

Must diet. Must diet. Must diet....

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: "Dust in the Wind"

I love the book of Margery Kemp. She was so....over the top about everything.

Re: Ooh

Kris--Wow! You've read that? I was amazed to see that, even in the medieval era, it was possible to be religiously over the top and considered wacko. Reading about Margery gave me a whole new perspective on what medieval people really were like. And yep, the lady definitely was different! (g)

How did you find the book? I happened across it in a Lutheran church supply bookstore next door to the place where I used to work. I used to go over there during lunch. They had the occasional book about Catholic mysticism, which is what interests me. I picked up the Kempe book because I had never heard of her before and was interested in learning about her. I always have liked biographies.

Re: Ooh

I took a class in School in Medieval Spirituality. :)

Re: Ooh

Medieval Spirituality. ::wistful sigh:: That sounds a lot better than the 'Ancient and Classical Literature as Freud Would Have Interpreted It' class that I made the mistake of taking, once. Gah, that professor was creepy.

Diet, blah

Actually, diet isn't that bad. But don't look at it as diet. Look at it as making healthier choices (trust me, it really does work better that way). ;)

I'm trying to fit into my gothy dresses again.

Re: Diet, blah

Kel--Oh, cool! I have one gothy dress. It's a mini dress, and it shows every single curve I have--the butt, the tummy, the hips....

Tell me, what sort of snack foods do you eat? I'm trying to switch over to eating those little bitty carrots, or yoghurt. Are those okay?