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Space Shuttle Humor and Doctor Stuff

Mark took me to a doctor's appointment today, and we listened to Rush Limbaugh as we drove. It seems the AFL-CIO is up in arms about the repair work done on the Space Shuttle this week.

Whatever Rush was reading from mentioned that it's bad enough that the Bush governme is encouraging the outsourcing of jobs to other countries, but now they've gone one step farther and are outsourcing jobs to outer space--with non-union labor, no less. This outrage cannot continue! They demand that future Space Shuttle repairs should be done with union labor in this ocuntry and not outsourced, etc.

I arrived at the doctor's office highly amused. :) I'm sure it was a joke story--and a very well-written one!

One-Stop Shopping: This is so neat! I work in a medical professional building now, and my PCP said for me to just go see specialists in this building when I need one. So I now have a well-woman exam and my first mammogram scheduled with doctors who work in my building. So convenient. I love it!

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