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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Work: I'm settling into the Rehab Assistant position. I now have access to our office computer system, so I'll be able to do more. This afternoon, I hope to enter some new referrals into the system and send out the IL packets to them.

Not a whole lot else is going on. I'm limiting my journaling time to my breaks, lunch, or before work, so you won't see as much of me during the day, anymore. But I'm happy about that. (g) It means I'm being given actual work to do.

Next on the agenda: Work out the receptionist coverage schedule for next week. Hoo boy!

Current Mood: workingworking


. . . we're waiting for you over at greatestjournal.com. Just a reminder. ;)


Ooh! Did Atalanta approve Simon's sheet?


I'm not sure. Has she emailed you? I can ask if you'd like.


Kris--Nope, no email. But she added the simon_macaran journal that I created to the game community and the OOC community, so I guess Simon's sheet must be okay.

I need to ask her if I may bring in Aerden as an NPC. *snicker* I actually have a good reason for this. I'm envisioning the swort of relationship between Aerden and Dyan that John Wayne usually had with any doctor in his Civil War movies. (g) That is, if Atalanta would be interested.


::evil snicker::

Oooooh . . . this could be very, very interesting. :D


Heh...Aerden sincerely hopes so!



Glad you're enjoying the new job!

It is definitely better to keep busy than be bored to tears.

Re: job

Yes, very much better to be busy!