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Aerden [userpic]
Mr. Blue Sky

I heard this song on a commercial last night, and I have loved it for a long time but never knew the correct words.

The melody has this wonderful, driving intensity in the chorus that I like very much, and it really needs to be played by a string quartet. It begs for a cello.

So today, I want to Lyrics Freak and found the lyrics...

And it's pretty much a song in the vein of Simon & Garfunkel's "Feelin' Groovy," but fluffier.

In essence, it's a song about a sunny day and how good that makes you feel--which is nice, in and of itself. But somehow, with that melody...it feels to me as if it needs words with more depth to them. I must write other lyrics for that melody.

And I would really, really love to hear it played by a string quartet. Bond would be nice. (g)

Mr. Blue Sky,
Please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long.
Where did we go wrong?

Hey, there, Mr. Blue.
We're so pleased to be with you.
Look around; see what you do...

Oh, cripes! I've just realized what I should do. I should filk this for Skyler Moons, a character in the Voldewarts Harry Potter RP I participate in as sethgraves.

I feel so deliciously wicked, now. (g)

::wanders off to write a filk::

Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra


I think we've finally hit that friend language barrier where you have to teach me new terms for things, being that I'm both innocent and English ;-)

- Rich

Re: Language Barrier

Rich--Is it the word 'filk?'

In the States, the word 'filk' arose in the early 1970's science fiction fandom community as a typographical error in a phrase such as 'Star Trek folksong,' and it stuck. It now means, 'songs specifically written about the characters or circumstances of a particular story or genre in science fiction, fantasy, etc.'

So there are Trek filks, Babylon 5 filks, Blake's 7 and Dr. Who filks, Star Wars filks, Dragonriders of Pern filks, and so forth. Sometimes, the melodies are original, and other times, the composer write original music.

I write filks, as well. I usually borrow the music from songs by Loreena McKennis or The Battlefield Band.

If you've ever heard "Banned from Argo," that's a Star Trek filk. Prominent writers of filksongs include Julia Ecklar, Leslie Fish, and Mercedes Lackey.