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Sunday Update

Christian: This morning, Mark came in and said, "Dad's on the phone. He wants to know if you want to go to church with him and Sue."

With my face still buried in the pillow, I muttered, "What time is it?"

Mark said, "9:20."

I about fell out of the bed, even though I was lying flat on top of it. "Dad and Sue were awake? "Yes, tell them I'll come," I said.

Usually, I'm calling them atout 10:00 to ask if we're going to church, and as often as not, the answer is, "We only just got up."

So I went to church this morning and listened to a sermon by Rev. Wilson of the Divine International Church. Reverend Wilson is from Sierra Leone in West Africa, and he actually talked about the Amistad case. Pretty interesting talk!

Sue and I are talking about attending a women's retreat called 'Welcome to the Well,' which is being hosted by Denise Jones, our associate pastor at Westbury. It will take place the weekend of September 9-11 in Brenham, Texas.

It's not certain that we can go, as registration was apparently on July 1. However, they wanted fifty women, and they have so far registered only about 30, so Sue and I might still be able to attend.

Seriously, though--I've never been on a church retreat before, so I look forward to this. I'll see if I can hunt up my copy of Writings of the Women Mystics.

Pagan: On the Wiccan side of things, my coven is initiating a new member, Cynthia, tonight, as well as doing our Lammas ritual. The theme for tonight is Dianic/Amazon huntress. I'm going to have to get very creative with my clothing. If possible, I'm going to ask for my wands to be consecrated.

I'm finding that I like the Paul wand better in general, as the Seth wand seems too prim and proper. What I would really like is to find a natural wood, rosewood want, as the Seth wand I own was turned on a lathe and is very smooth and even. I like a more natural-looking wand, like the ebony (Paul) one.

I have decided that I don't like the athame I recently bought at all, and I might just donate it to the coven to give to someone who needs one. For one thing, it says 'Hunting Knife' on the box. For another, it really feels more like a man's knife than a woman's. It's too heavy and awkward for me. I wish I could find my old athame!

I'm going to stop yammering about things now. I need to wrap Cynthia's initiation gift.

SPH: New post of poetry in gareth_adams.

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