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Aerden [userpic]
The Most Fascinating Sphere of Police Work

Thanks to the artistry of Neil Gaiman, I now have a 'Forensics Geek' icon. :)

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

Y'know, I read the title of this entry, and instantly my mind flashed back to Quincy pulling the sheet back, and the forensics students just dropping like flies, one by one. :D

I haven't seen that show in ages.

Thom--I miss that show! I even remember the episode that scene was taken from. Quincy wanted to go somewhere, and Astin wouldn't let him; said Quincy had to teach these police rookies. So Quincy apparently chose the most godawful-looking corpse he could find, waited for all the rookies to faint, and then ran out of there with Sam.

Just his luck, if I'd been one of the rookies, I'd probably have still been standing--and saying, "Ugh. Forensic entomology is why I never went into this field. So what do we do first?"