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Sauron Speaks!, Nova Roma, etc.

My husband Mark found this on the Ain't It Cool? website. At last, Sauron Speaks!

Voting in Nova Roma is going well, so far. We've received a good number of votes, considering that this is a run-off election for our two Praetors. Thank God, we have this election, with only one ballot line, to whet our teeth on. It will get a lot more complex as the year continues.

The weather has been yucky in Houston, lately--cold and wet. My mobility instructor Kristy (also known as my Medi Master), is due here tomorrow at 10am. I hope it's warmed up a bit, by then.

I got a call from my friend Jayney, who lives in Seattle, last night. She is looking for a job, but while she does that, she is learning how to professionally audiotape the local rock bands in hopes of earning some money to tide her over until she can get employed. She was actually in Budapest taping a bnad over there on 9/11 a year ago. Luckily, her flight didn't leave until the next day.

Jayney is a really neat person. She used to date Mark, but she was friends with all of his friends, so I heard all about her from them. She was apparently pretty wild in her youth, but they are all amazed and impressed with the woman she has become. So am I, and I like her a lot. I hope she'll get to come back to Houston sometime and visit again.

I bought a book on PHP from Borders and hope to begin reading it soon. I really would like to learn how to program for the Web, and this looks like the mose effective language that is being used. I think I would also like to learn ASP. That'll be another manual I'll have to buy...(g)

My friend Anna recommended IPowerWeb to me, and I looked them over. I had visited their site once before. Their price is $166.80 for 24 months, which includes a domain name included in the price. It also includes PHP and MySQL support, which interests me, along with Server Side Includes. That's quite a good price, for two years. I don't see CGI or ASP included in the deal, though, and it doesn't mention whether there are ads on the pages, though. We'll see. I think that payment of a hosting fee should garner one at the very least, freedom from having ads on one's pages.

I'm off to bed, now. Good night!

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