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"Yourname is" Meme

cpsings4him put me up to this! (g)

Meme: Go to Google and type your name and the word 'is' in the search field. Post the ten funniest results in your journal under an LJ cut.

(Chantal Cookware)
Chantal is completely dishwasher safe. It does not require any seasoning, and is naturally stick resistant. Because enamel is a sheer, nonporous glass-like ...
Comment: You can put me in the dishwasher, and I taste particularly good with cinnamon.

(Children's Clothing store)
Princess Marie-Chantal is to open her first children's clothing store in the US on 1192 Madison Avenue 87th Street the first ...
Comment: "Dude, I'm a princess? Shut UP!!"

(Yale Book Reviews: Identity)
As usual, Chantal is oblivious to her surroundings. ... At the end Chantal is walled into a strange house the night after an orgy, the ultimate loss of ...
Comment: WHAT??!?! *dies laughing* This one is my famorite search result.

(Travel Michigan - Chateau Chantal)
Chateau Chantal is a 65-acre estate located on the Old Mission Peninsula in one of ...
Comment: I wonder if Princess Marie-Chantal lives in Chateau Chantal?

(Integral Naked)
Chantal is joining us to help with the Integral Lifestyles department of Integral Naked, where she has particularly adopted the role of "den mother" to the ...
Comment: I'm afraid to ask.

For instance, one day while the two of them are eating lunch, Chantal is overcome by "a ... Chantal is such a mental mess, so fragile a tissue of phobia, ...
Comment: I have to buy this book, just for the amusement value!

(The Wake Annotations: Sandman 15)
The moral tale Chantal is referring to is known in English as Footsteps in the ... The caption reads: "Chantal is having a relationship with a sentence. ...
Comment: A relationship with a sentence? Kinky.

( Colour Moving and Still)
Chantal is a very gifted musician, and she writes some of the best piano tunes this side ...
Comment: Yeah, baby, yeah!!! You go, girl!

(Tropical Storm Chantal - 08/19/01)
Chantal is like the little engine that could, but can she? I think she can, currently: once again today, Chantal is fighting to hang on. ...
Comment: Weather reporters should stick to reporting the weather and not try to be writers.

(Elites TV)
Chantal is the lead singer for Morningwood and she really rocks our world. See more of her and Morningwood at the band's site at or her ...
Comment: To paraphrase Beavis & Butthead: "She said 'morning wood!'" *facepalms*

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