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Planned Work on Avriet

I got through chapter 6 of Avriet last night. I am rolling my eyes at myself, as chapter 6 or so is the place where I begin to have Allistaire being very cryptic about why he tried to assassinate Richot. The problem is that, when I wrote the thing, it was very clear to me what he was trying to not disclose and why. Now, several months later, I can't remember exactly why he was being so secretive about it; I'm having to extrapolate based on the culture. Planned changes for tonight--if I can stay awake long enough--are:

  1. Make the initial conversation between Allistaire and Eliset more stilted and awkward. They haven't seen each other in fifteen years, and she barely remembers him from when she was five. They need to feel more awkward and uncertain around each other than I portrayed.
  2. Allistaire should be less cryptic about his reasons for trying to kill Richot. Why? Because Eliset should already have an idea why he did it. She will have had the clue ever since she became Duchesse de Mordaut and was admitted into the private meetings of the ducal peers. She has probably known the reason and been quietly shocked by it ever since she assumed the title. So all that writing has to be altered.

Tonight, for the first time in a long while, I felt that I was doing what I should be doing with my evenings.

Work: Today is my last full day as receptionist. On Monday I start my job as Rehabilitation Assistant for the Independent Living department. Looking forward to it!

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