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Friday Report

Well, I'm feeling a heck of a lot better today than I felt yesterday.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with one of the worst muscle-tension headaches I've had in a while. I crawled out of bed, took two Alleve pills, answered a bit of email, and then crawled back into bed--and slept until 2pm. ::wince::

I don't know what wacked-out position I was sleeping in, but I hope I never sleep in that position again.

The cold is almost gone, except for a lingering bit of tiredness--well, considering how much I slept yesterday, maybe more than a bit--but I'm feeling much better, on the whole.

Mark and I will be giving a party tomorrow night for the members of our SCA household. Some of them won't be able to come, but at least we'll get to see the others. It'll be a nice, casual party, with some guitar playing, casual munchies, and maybe videos and some poetry reading. Looking forward to it!

Since I'm feeling better, I now have no excuse not to get my gutt in gear and continue work on either Ealdru or Darkside. I think I'll sign off now and go take care of the writing. See you later!

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