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Dreams, Etcetera

Dream, morning of 7/28/05: I was with an elderly priest and a lot of other people, at some sort of large gathering. I wasn't exactly entourage; more like an invited guest than staff. The purpose of the gathering was some kind of celebration or ritual.

Exercise: After only three days, I am a lot less winded after climbing four flights of stairs to my office than I was on the first day. I started doing this because one of our elevators wasn't working, and climbing the stairs was faster than waiting for the one elevator that was working. I have decided to climb the stairs every day, for the exercise. It takes me less than a minute or two, and I'm impressed with the results. I think I'll climb up and down the stairs during my breaks, too. I don't know if this will take any weight off, but the feeling of fitness I get from this is worth it.

Writing: I'm going to do some writing tonight; I just need to decide whether I'm going to work on Avriet or something else. I think I might as well stick with Avriet, as more of it is written. I'll work on an outline today.

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