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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
An Open Letter to the Terrorists

Dear Terrorists,

I cannot believe you seriously called up the Medellin Cartel (or equivalent) with this proposal: "We will buy lots and lots of cocaine from you, poison it, and use it to kill the infidel Americans."

I cannot believe you were surprised when the Medellin Cartel said, "No effing way!"

You must understand--the Medellin Cartel does not sell cocaine to corrupt us; they are out to make money from us. Corruption is simply a byproduct.

If you were smart, you would stop killing us and try to make money off of us, too. That way, everybody could get some satisfaction, and satisfied people do not commit murder, so the world would become a happier place, all around.

Isn't that more fun than blowing up people?



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