Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Dreams, 07/24/05

I had several dreams last night.

The first was in an East Indian/Hinduish setting, in a shrine that had arches built around it, in an underground grotto. I remember the words 'egdi bhevi' and 'etrueh.' The only other things I can remember from it are that I was a woman who smiled, and I wore orange.

In the next dream, I was visiting another woman in her house, which looked like a cross between a hotel and a lovely Victorian place. I had to tell the woman that her husband and young son were going to die, and that she had to find the strength to live through it. I was wearing a darl blue, Edwardian-style skirt.

In the third dream, I was with my friend Karina. Her father was in prison and was ill and/or dying, and Karina wanted me to travel with her to Reston, Virginia to see him. I remember getting off the plane, and I had to stand outside with a whole bunch of people, waiting to get our luggage. We had to write our names on a piece of paper, so the airline staff knew who was expecting luggage. Once I got my luggage and had to walk to my destination, it turned out to be the same Victorian house that the mother in the second dream lived in. It was gorgeous--all old stone and brick, with a gabled roof and pillars. I loved it. This is all I remember.

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