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Writing: Bad Paul story moment tonight. I realized why the DE accepted him, even though he was coerced into it and was therefore technically untrustworthy.

Gah, there are some things I would rather not know.

On the good side, I found a legend that I wrote, which is the backstory that I want to use for a story idea. Unfortunately, the story idea itself has yet to materialize.

The backstory is a legend about the creation of a set of swords. Okay, yes, Paul was influencing me in this; both he and I love katanas, and I had seen the bit in Kill Bill Part I that featured Hatori that evening.

So I know that these swords were made, and I know that my character Ishan owns one. But darned if I know what he's supposed to do with it. One of my other characters owns a second, and I want to create a female character to own the third. But again, what they're supposed to defeat or do eludes me. *sigh*

But I will figure it out, because I love the legend I wrote. I must do something with it.

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