Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Sunday Update

Gaming: Terry's character and Steve's character both gave birth to the deities Gotar and Rusan last night--amid a huge demon outbreak in the capital city of Zatan. It was a lot like the Ivanovich mansion in SPH, but over an entire city. My character, Livius, had to be out in it so he could fetch the high priest of Rusan and so that he could officiate at Gotar's naming ceremony. Mark's character, Maggie wound up defending the temple where our characters were awaiting Rusan's birth. The temple got pretty badly trashed.

I have been doing more work on Two Alleys. padfoot_uk and I are co-writing a post, and I'm working up what needs to go on in my introduction of Paul and Seth. I decided to try a novel concept with them--make them what God intended them to be in the first place, instead of what I forced them to be in SPH. I think they will both be a heck of a lot happier, that way. Seth won't have felt he had to be as secretive about things as he was in SPH, and Paul will be a lot saner, all around. He's still a Slytherin, though. Seth is now a Ravenclaw.

We're having another thunderstorm. :P So much for the walk I was planning to take this afternoon.

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