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Seth/Violin story: I'm currently researching what sort of drug I want him to get addicted to and also working out what he would logically get addicted to. For instance, Seth does not at all strike me as a cocaine-snorting, fry-smoking kind of guy. If he gets hooked on anything, it is most likely to be pills or prescription drugs rather than most street drugs. So pain meds are more likely than ice, for instance.

I also need to do a lot of research on the addiction recovery process. I don't really want to cover a lot of that in the story, because recovery truly takes the rest of your life. But I at least need to be familiar with what he would go through.

The Curse of Avriet: I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I have worked out who created the curse and why it was cast. This has helped me immensely with working out how clues can be set out and discovered by my characters. The only problem is, now I don't know how to break the curse; the idea I had no longer works. *sigh*

"Vacation Plans" response story: (For StarRise Weyr) Sorry, Anna, but I was in Fort 9 for far too long. I just cannot write a little vignette thing; all my Pern stuff has to be written as if Julia Ecklar were stil my editor. :) It's a habit I think I'm best off not breaking. So I'm working on making this piece a true story instead of just a vignette.

Graves Disease book: It is fascinating! This project is turning out to be far more than just something about Dr. Graves; it is turning into a historical study of hyperthyroidism, and I am very much enjoying learning about all the physicians who encountered this condition before Graves and Parry did. Note to self: Dedicate this book to Sondra Monteil, my former boss.

Harry Potter: My husband Mark wrote a brief commentary on the religious worth of the Harry Potter novels.

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