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Actors We Will Never See Playing Dumbledore

Clint Eastwood: "Harry, these are my two owls, Smith and Wesson."

Arnold Schwarzennegger: "You are looking for Draco Malfoy? Oh. I let him go."

Julie Andrews: "Ughhhhh, my bosom! And this fake hair--and the beard! I can't take it, anymore!"

James Earl Jones: "I am your father!"

Roy Scheider: "We're going to need a bigger wand."

Flip Wilson: "Professor Snape made me do it!"

Jesse Ventura: "I'm gonna make you into a god-damned magical tyrannosaurus rex--just like me!"

Michael Clarke Duncan: "Will you stand before the fury of Voldemort's armies?"

And, finally, Ian McClellan: "You shall not pass!"

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