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Aerden [userpic]
HP Gaming Thoughts

Gaming: I got to thinking about the HP game I mentioned last night that I want to start up, and I am debating with myself whether it is fair to run the thing in the way I want to.

Really, what I want to do is incorporate some of the things which I developed in sphogwarts--the Ordo Ravus, for instance, and develop them differently and in better detail than they were able to be developed in SPH. But I wonder, would that be fair to players who are completely ignorant of SPH and who would be expecting a canon HP game? I'm thinking it's possible that having fannishly-created things put into an HP game from the start might irritate and annoy people. Granted, everyone knows that RPG's are by their very nature alternate universes, but I'm sure it wouldn't be good to institute a lot of already-created, non-canon things into the game from the beginning.

I'll have to think about it. Frankly, I would love to have interesting fan-created things in the game, as we had the Hawkwood Foundation, the Ordo Ravus, and the Brethren of Hecate in SPH. I thought those enriched the game and helped define the SPH universe in greater dimensions. They made our AU unique and fascinating.

I guess what's really on my mind is that I hate seeing good and fun ideas fall by the wayside just because the RPG they were created in is no longer active. I still want to write about those things. I still want to develop Four Towers Bookstore, the Ordo, etc. I want to do more with my characters, though not in quite the same way I did in SPH; there would be changes.

I almost wonder if I should do an RPG at all, but just write something in my own setting, instead. But these things don't really fit together as well outside of the HP universe.

Geeze, I sound so blasted indecisive, don't I?

Current Mood: thinking

Suse--*nods* I decided that I want the game membership to be open. Hand-picking players becomes cliquish, and I want to avoid that. There are people I know who I hope will want to join in, but I'm going to let them decide if they want to play, rather than inviting them. I know that a lot of the people I enjoyed writing with in SPH are burned out on it or have moved on, and I don't want them thinking they would hurt my feelings if they didn't want to join my RPG.

Your point about laying everything out beforehand so that prospective players know what to expect up front is well taken. That way, at least they would know that there will be fan-invented elements in the RP, and they could decide whether that was acceptable to them or not. I'll do that, then.

Thanks for the advice; it helped a lot!


"Burned out on it" - understand what you mean. Could probably be seen to be burned out at the moment.

Still, throw bits together. When you dangle it for people - make a point of asking their opinions on your ideas as well as just getting into it. That way you'll have your select group, most of which you're comfortable writing with, to add to the noncanon in the way you want.

And a solid base when you start.

I often wonder if being burnt out is a frame of mind, or just down to lack of somewhere to easily step into!