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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
From Austin

Hi, everyone!I'm updating from the Doubletree Hotel in Austin. Training has been neat. I met a lot of interesting people today, and I look forward to the training in rehabilitation that we'll be receiving tomorrow.

That sounds like such a nothing entry. *sigh*

Anyway...I'll be writing some backstory for SPH Seth this week, I think. I want to tie up a lot of tho Seth things. I also need to figure out how Zascha didn't read his mind and figure out all sorts of dangerous things. I have an idea to explain that,but it will require Daeren to realize that Paul is alive..

Hotel Life: There ate two baby grand pianos here for guests to play. I am in hog heaven.

I'm signing off now; this keyboard is a bit of a trial.

Current Mood: goodgood

Aww c'mon, the keyboard is nothing after eating two baby grands.



I was about ready to throw the hotel's computer keyboard across the room after typing on it for a couple of minutes; it had a crappy space bar.

I do have a picture of one of the pianos, though. I'll post it later.