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My doctor has told me she wants me to lose five pounds by August 3, so I started eating Lean Cuisine frozen dinners today in hopes that those will help me cut down on food cnsumption.

Wow! I had their Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and it was delicious! What it lacked in thickness of the Alfredo sauce, it more than made up for in taste. I was very impressed! If the rest of the dinners taste this good, going on this Lean Cuisine diet will be a pleasure!

For those of you who have dieted with Lean Cuisine--what are your opinions of it? Does it actually help you lose weight, or is that all just advertising? The meal I ate was 270 calories, 50 of which were from fat.

I'll also start eating yogurt or cereal for breakfast as of tomorrow. The grocery store near me was selling Lucerne 8-ounce containers for 10/$3.00 today.

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