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Doctors, Insurance, and Work

I have received no information regarding my health insurance as yet, so even though I am supposedly covered, I had nothing that I could verify my status with. This meant that my apoointment today, which was supposed to be a physical exam, was mainly just a blood pressure check. I'm supposed to return in a month for the full physical, once I can confirm my insurance.

My doctor wants me to lose five pounds by the next appointment. I'd like that, too. I would really like to avoid being put on hypertension medication. She says it's mild, but it might go away entirely if I lose weight and exercise more.

My preferred form of exercise is walking.

Walking. In Houston. In July. Bleah!

I'm going to see what diet can do, drink more water, and use the exercise bike that used to belong to my mother-in-law. I don't like the exercise bike much, but at least I can use it inside, where it's air conditioned.

Not a whole lot else going on. I began arrangements for some financial stuff--money that I intend to put toward tax-deferred retirement savings if I can.

Now my big project is getting through the Rehab Assistant interview tomorrow and then getting ready for Austin. I fly out there Monday morning.

Taxis in an unfamiliar city. *panics!*

Almost time to go home. Yea!

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