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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Doctors, Insurance, and Work

I have received no information regarding my health insurance as yet, so even though I am supposedly covered, I had nothing that I could verify my status with. This meant that my apoointment today, which was supposed to be a physical exam, was mainly just a blood pressure check. I'm supposed to return in a month for the full physical, once I can confirm my insurance.

My doctor wants me to lose five pounds by the next appointment. I'd like that, too. I would really like to avoid being put on hypertension medication. She says it's mild, but it might go away entirely if I lose weight and exercise more.

My preferred form of exercise is walking.

Walking. In Houston. In July. Bleah!

I'm going to see what diet can do, drink more water, and use the exercise bike that used to belong to my mother-in-law. I don't like the exercise bike much, but at least I can use it inside, where it's air conditioned.

Not a whole lot else going on. I began arrangements for some financial stuff--money that I intend to put toward tax-deferred retirement savings if I can.

Now my big project is getting through the Rehab Assistant interview tomorrow and then getting ready for Austin. I fly out there Monday morning.

Taxis in an unfamiliar city. *panics!*

Almost time to go home. Yea!

Current Mood: awakeawake

I'm surprised that the HR department at work couldn't tell you how to confirm your insurance. Last year when I had to schedule a doctor's appointment before I'd gotten my insurance card, I just emailed my HR office and asked what to do since I hadn't gotten my insurance card, yet. They gave me the information I needed to be able to verify the insurance even though I didn't have a card.

As for walking in Houston in summer, that's what shopping malls are for! :) Although personally, I hate shopping malls enough that I'd never go to one just for exercise. I've dropped a good 10 pounds myself just with the walking at work. But I don't mind, I'd rather walk at work where I'm getting something done in between the hikes to and from the ER than go somewhere to walk just for the exercise value. :)

BTW, who was it you said worked for Microsoft? I know you said someone on your friends list works for MS, but I can't remember who it was you said.

Well, gotta go find food and a couple of other things. Talk at ya later!

Liz--The couple on my friendslist who work at MicroSoft--are crackferret and metal_aria. I hope they can help you!

Now that I'm in DARS instead of TDCJ, the HR department is weird. It's no longer local; they're located in Austin, and you can never get hold of them. I've been trying since April to get them to correct my time/leave balance, so it will show my previous decade of state service. Despite three phone calls and two emails, none of which have been responded to, nothing has happened. I finally included my supervisor in the latest email, in hopes that that might wake this lady up.

I miss Jackie and Dee from my old office!

I did leave a message with Health select customer service in hopes that it will get a response, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll give the HR rep a call tomorrow, if I can figure out exactly who I need to call.


Thanks for the info on the MS folks. I'll see what I can do.

As for the insurance thing, it CAN be frustrating sometimes. At Devereux, it just took a quick email to get the information I needed. At HCHD, I got my insurance cards before I thought I was even supposed to be covered!

OTOH, I really haven't had to deal with HR since my initial "we're hiring you and you need to get all this paperwork out of the way" interview back in December, so I really couldn't tell you what it's like trying to deal with HR here.

Oh, well. Good luck with it all. Hopefully, you'll soon have your insurance cards and it will all be academic. :)