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Aerden [userpic]
Camera Phone Picture

This is a picture I took of my stuffed cat Kaylie. She's named after the engineer from Firefly.

Life: In other news, cold Shiner Bock and ginger ale makes a good shandy!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

I found out I REALLY like shandies. I tried Harp lager (same people who make Guiness) and that's pretty good. Going to try with Shiner now (Well, not NOW because it's 7 in the morning). That's my favorite american beer.

Mom wanted to try a Pims, but that's a summer drink, aparently.

I had my first shandy at Keneally's Pub here in Houston. It was a Bass shandy, and I liked it a lot. The Slainte Pub downtown makes a pretty good shandy too, but you have to tell them how to make it--they don't have Irish staff any longer, which sucks rocks.

I prefer Harp to Guinness, but Shiner Bock is my favorite beer.