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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Mark took me to the Foley's at Sharpstown Mall today so I could buy myself a new business suit for the interview I have this Thursday, and so I could buy a couple of other clothing items I wanted for my Austin trip.

I am now the pleased owner of a beige, short-sleeved suit, a Caribbean Joe shirt and pair of Capri pants, and a black sleeveless top to go with the suit.

I also discovered which brands of men's ties the little Paul in my head does and doesn't like.. *snicker* Paul will wear ties made by Zylos, Stonehenge, Claiborne, or Cocktail Colors. He refuses to be caught dead in any tie made by J. Garcia. He also refuses to be caught dead in burnt orange suits, even if they are made of silk blend fabric and designed by Oscar de la Renta.

Seriously, that suit reminded me of the line "Your tie it was apricot" in "You're So Vain." Horrid color for a men's suit.

Mark and I had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and then came home. It is so hot outside! *pants*

Current Mood: hothot

I saw that suit! They have it at our Foley's, too. I couldn't believe it. I mean, who would ear such a thing?

Scratch that. I have at least one character who would, but his fashion sense comes from the Regency era, when that would have made a lovely morning coat, paired with coffee coloured pantaloons and a waistcoat embroidered with birds of paradise in teal, blue and the same apricot color....

But that's an entirely different thing. *g*

Rosemary--LOL! Mr. Ex Death-Eater is so glad he doesn't live in the Regency era! Hehehehe!

That was such a rancid color for a suit. The only man I can imagine wearing it would be my Dad, who has absolutely no color sense.

It would probably have to go with the Pepto Bismol-colored paisley tie I saw that even my Dad wouldn't wear.

Paul: *shudders*


No no... Paul would just just have to say he was a follower of Mr. Beau Brummel. He was a dandy, but he distained all that peacock plumage and shocked everyone by creating formal attire of white or cream breeches, waistcoat and cravat and tailored black coat. Soon it was all the rage, from that day to this... That's right. He invented the tux. :D

(He also introduced the aristocracy to the notion of BATHING. All in all, we are very grateful to Mr. Brummel.)

Cruse you! 1000 words left to go today, and you distract me with discussiion of Regency fashion. I love historical fashion.

Rosemary--Hm! Yep, I can see Paul as an admirer of Brummel--especially with regard to the concept of bathing. (g)

And personally, I kind of like the concept that at one time, men weren't afraid to wear pink.


Interview? Did I miss something? Good luck with it anyway!