Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Saturday Update

Life: We renewed our cellphone contract and expanded it to a 2-phone family plan. We got camera phones! The temporary icon I am using for this entry is a picture of me that Mark took with my new phone. It's a bit out of focus. I'll work on configuring it better soon.

If you would like my new cellphone number, comment here, and I'll create a friends filter to use when I post the number.

I also got a file box so I can organize my mail. I love it! Yes, I am a geek; I get excited over filing. Pitiful, I know. *shakes head at self*

Music: There's a new CD out by Renaissance!!! The album is called Tuscany, and you must all go out and buy it. (g) Annie Haslam can still hit those high notes, too. She sounds wonderful!

Also, padfoot_uk hits the nail on the head.

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