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Whoa! Bishop Joseph Fiorenza of the Diocese of Houston-Galveston is now the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston!

Way to go, Bishop Fiorenza! This is the bishop who confirmed me. Wow! :D

I wonder how old he is? In the newspaper photograph, his hair is darker than the Pope's, but I remember him as a short old man. However, I was 14 at the time, so I must have perceived him as older than he was, seeing as how 26 years have passed since then.

This is so neat!

Edit: Heh...Well, I'm behind the times. (g) Archbishop Fiorenza was elevated to his current position four months ago. And he is 74. He was in the news today because he is one of some 32 new archbishops being honored at an annual papal Mass that was held this week in Rome.

Life: For lunch today I had chicken Caesar salad and sauteed asparagus. I can imagine the appalled look on Mark's face. (g)

I found a stuffed cat that I had bought a year or so ago. I've named her Kaylie in honor of the Serenity's engineer. She's got white fur with a coffee-colored splotch on the top of her head and going down to mid-back. Cute little kitty who doesn't require a litterbox. (g)

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