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Aerden [userpic]
Outrage of the Week - The Fragging of Military Officers

This is the sort of opinionating that gives decent liberals a bad name. People who say things like this are part of why I stopped considering myself a liberal.

My father and Uncle Anthony were in the army reserves. My Uncle John was an officer in the army reserves--He made colonel before he died.

I am furious that someone would seriously suggest murdering competent officers for the sole purpose of demoralizing the troops in hopes of ending a war. That's a great way to get many of those troops killed.

For a person who considers himself a conscientious objector to murder his superior officers is committing an oxymoron. That's the kindest thing I can say about this. The blunt conclusion to draw from his words is that Ward Churchill advocates our own people becoming terrorists against their countrymen--to do what? Save lives?

Since when did inciting violence ever save anyone's life? I therefore conclude that saving lives isn't the purpose behind these statements. What I believe Churchill advocates here is getting rid of the government by first unraveling the military.

Why don't I believe he is only trying to stop the war in Iraq? Because the almost certain result that you get from this sort of breakdown in military discipline is the creation of paranoia among the troops. That would lead to a general growth of a police mentality in the military that could overtake it, given a prolonged enough spate of having its officers murdered. A police mentality in the military that is focused against its own troops could lead to unfounded suspicion and abuses, which could lead to distrust in the government.

Nice little chess game, isn't it?

Previously, I've just rolled my eyes at Professor Churchill's nonsense. But he's gone beyond stupidity and bad taste into sheer criminality now.

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Ward Churchill is a you-know-what-ing moron. I don't think he's very smart; he's just subversive. The fact that so many university educators support him turns my stomach. Every time these professors open their mouths and spout ignorant feces that even a Wal-Mart associate knows is crap, it reinforces my opinion that a higher education is highly overrated.

The only saving grace is that usually, students are able to pick out the nutcase wacko professors from the decent ones. That doesn't always happen, though.

What gets me are the academic people who listen to stuff like this and then have the gall to defend it as freedom of speech. I was always led to believe that freedom of speech means the freedom to openly disagree with the government's policies without fear of retaliation from the government. I was never taught that freedom of speech means the freedom to encourage others to commit criminal acts. In my book, that falls under the heading of 'conspiracy to commit a crime.'

I imagine, if Churchill were ever called on the carpet for making these remarks, that he would probably say, "I was just speaking hypothetically." My ass.

The truly scary thing is, there are people out there who might actually believe him. Or even worse--who know him for what he is and genuinely support him.


And, just asking, isn't this considered sedition? Can't you get arrested for this kind of crap during wartime?

You'd think a person ought to be, for suggesting this kind of thing.


No, no, no, no, NO.

Churchill is a moron.

Soldiers 'fragged' their superiors in Vietnam because they knew their superiors were also morons who were intent on leading them to their deaths. (To be honest, 'field demotions' are probably as old as the institution of a standing army itself). It is one thing to consider pardoning soldiers who act to save themselves from certain death--or, you could argue, from giving the enemy an advantage. It is something else altogether to suggest to soldiers that they just murder their officers willy-nilly.

What Churchill is suggesting is both heinous and criminal. He's the sort of liberal I like to tell, "Stop being on my side--you're making my side look stupid!"


Ward Churchill is an ass. And he's an embarrassment. Anyone with a brain who listens to him with anything but contempt is worse. But fortunately their numbers are small. Most people with even half a brain can tell that Churchill is an ass. And an embarrassment.

Ward Churchill and Reverend "God Hates Fags" Phelps...

...obviously want to have teh hothot mansex with each other.

I mean, have you noticed the little dance-of-mutual-attraction they've been doing these past few months?

Ward does his "little eichmanns" schtick, then Jimbo shows up at some soldiers' funerals with his "HA HA YUR SON WUZ A FAG" roadshow and now Ward is back in the news with this.

It's so cute watching them simultaneously flirt with each other and with the idea of coming out:

"Ooh, Jimbo, I'm such a BAD little boy!..."

"Not as bad as ME, Wardie! I need to be taken in HAND!..."

"Now, now! Mama spank!"

"Oh, promises, promises..."

--Skarl the Drummer