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Aerden [userpic]
Writing Progress (Seth story)

Writing: I came up with the decision Seth has to make, last night. Hurray for insomnia! At least it was good for something. :) I'm going to follow wen_spencer's advice and collect 'cool story bits' for use in the piece as I write it. Now I just need to read up on the type of drug I want to have Seth addeicted to. It is something that I hope would not get too strong a hold on him, the way crystal meth would.

*wry look* I also hope talking about the drug in such terms as this won't betray my extreme naivete about drug addiction. That ignorance is why it is so very important to me to get this right--not only the facts, but also the way it feels to be addicted. If I get that wrong, I might as well throw in the towel. My characters have to be real. Seth is going to have to onvince me that he's addicted. If I don't believe it, how can I expect my readers to?

But hey, I like a challenge. :)

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There's a lot you can look up online about it. As I never did *any* drugs but had to tackle a drug user during my NaNoWriMo novel (White Sand Castles). As one of the plot arcs there spawned it's own whole story (whoops), I had to do even more research.

The problem with drugs is that just about every drug that *does* have addictive properties gets a very strong hold. You could go with a minor narcotics addiction. I don't know how bad meth is; my brain is telling me it's not hugely addictive from a physical standpoint, but very much so from a brain chemical perspective. The addiction isn't so much to the meth as the feeling. In theory, without a constant supply, someone could go through that and come through fine getting off of it. But, because it's so link to behavioral aspects, it takes an awful lot of therapy to really get off of it. Whereas an addict of something like heroin, for example, can go through physical treatments (methadone) to get them off of it. It depends a lot on what you're trying to do. You can also create a custom drug using properties of existing ones.

Or, you could go with something like cocaine, because it's addictive in the same way meth is, but not as bad, and I think it's likely harder to acquire.

Depends entirely on the context, but anyway, there's some thoughts. I totally need sleep now.