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Aerden [userpic]
Celebrity Voices Meme

Name 10 celebrities that you would happily listen to for hours as they read the phonebook. My most favorite is #1:

  1. John Billingsley - as Dr. Phlox on Enterprise. I adore his voice!
  2. Antonio Banderas - *swoon*
  3. Rona Downey as Monica, from Touched by an Angel.
  4. Sean Connery - I begin to see a pattern of Celtic voice-love here.
  5. Lucy Lawless in her Xena stage voice.
  6. Peter Graves - He sounds so understatedly Texan!
  7. Madge Sinclair - Jamaican!
  8. Jeremy Irons - So many roles!
  9. The actor who plays T'lk on Stargate SG-1
  10. Leonard Nimoy - Very resonant voice.

I'll pass this on to leianora, shusu, and nixnivis.


That's funny. The few times I was forced to watch that series, Roma Downey's voice drove me nuts. It was just...I don't know. Wrong. But I didn't care for the show anyway, so I might be biased. A lot.

But even in other roles I haven't cared for her voice. Not anything against her, personally.

Hey, there are probably many people who feel the same way about mine, so there you go.

I remember seeing Della Reese on Touched by an Angel one night and in Harlem Nights with Redd Foxx and Eddie Murphy a week or so later, in which she played a madam. Totally cracked me up!

As for angelic looks--I thought Andrew was pretty gorgeous. (g) Much better-looking than Mandy Patinkin, though I do like Mandy.