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Aerden [userpic]
Celebrity Voices Meme

Name 10 celebrities that you would happily listen to for hours as they read the phonebook. My most favorite is #1:

  1. John Billingsley - as Dr. Phlox on Enterprise. I adore his voice!
  2. Antonio Banderas - *swoon*
  3. Rona Downey as Monica, from Touched by an Angel.
  4. Sean Connery - I begin to see a pattern of Celtic voice-love here.
  5. Lucy Lawless in her Xena stage voice.
  6. Peter Graves - He sounds so understatedly Texan!
  7. Madge Sinclair - Jamaican!
  8. Jeremy Irons - So many roles!
  9. The actor who plays T'lk on Stargate SG-1
  10. Leonard Nimoy - Very resonant voice.

I'll pass this on to leianora, shusu, and nixnivis.


Roma Downey's voice was the only real reason for that show to have existed. (Well, other aspects of Roma Downey too, but ones you'd probably appreciate less than I....)

Heh...I used to listen to her and think, When I die and go to Heaven (presuming I get there), I hope all of my angels are Irish. (g) She has such a beautiful voice.

And thank you for reminding me of what her name is!


That's funny. The few times I was forced to watch that series, Roma Downey's voice drove me nuts. It was just...I don't know. Wrong. But I didn't care for the show anyway, so I might be biased. A lot.

But even in other roles I haven't cared for her voice. Not anything against her, personally.

Hey, there are probably many people who feel the same way about mine, so there you go.

I remember seeing Della Reese on Touched by an Angel one night and in Harlem Nights with Redd Foxx and Eddie Murphy a week or so later, in which she played a madam. Totally cracked me up!

As for angelic looks--I thought Andrew was pretty gorgeous. (g) Much better-looking than Mandy Patinkin, though I do like Mandy.