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Criminology 101

Writing: I figured out who cursed the Kingdom of Avriet and why!!!

Unfortunately,I don't know how the person cursed it, and the fact that it was this particular person instead of someone else has made me completely uncertain how I'm going to break the curse. King Micaul was supposed to break the curse by some kind of self-sacrifice and/or growing in wisdom. But that won't make sense now.

But knowing perpetrator and motive still helps a lot.

I am also working on tying the kingdoms of Sevrennes and Avriet closer together. I've been looking at some of my past notes on these kingdoms and looking to see if I can consolidate any of my story ideas.

Household: We cleaned the bathroom today and installed the new toilet seat. Yea! I bought a new blouse and skirt set in bright olive green from Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon, and I like it a lot. I own another blouse/skirt combination in that same line. Very pretty!

Next weekend, we will exchange our current one-cellphone contract for a two-cellphone contract at Verizon. The new ones will be camera phones! I'm going to be taking so many pictures, it will be obnoxious. :P The good news is though, I'll finally have a photograph of myself that I can use as an icon!

Gaming: Note to self--I really must add more to the online version of Livius' character sheet.

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