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Why I Love My Job

The telephone call I had today from the Ukrainian lady at my office (in a friendslocked post) got me to thinking about how my attitude toward my job has changed since January.

I remember how, back in January, my thoughts regarding my employment choices were mainly about myself. Would I be selling out if I took the higher-paying receptionist job rather than trying to remain a medical transcriptionist, which was a job I loved?

Earlier this year, that question was causing me so much turmoil that I finally decided to put it into God's hands as to whether I would get the receptionist job and to stop worrying about the outcome.

Since beginning my work as the receptionist at Blind Services in March, my attitude toward this job has altered from thinking about satisfying myself to thinking more about helping other people--not just the lady today, but others who have called in during the months I have held this job.

I've found that being able to help other people has given me a deep, profound sense of joy. Being receptionist is not the most intellectually challenging job in the world; in fact it is frequently boring to the point of mind- numbness. But I'm finding that, while doing medical transcription satisfied my mind, being the receptionist at my office satisfies my heart--deeply. I have begun to feel an incredible sense of gratitude that I have this job specifically because I can help people while doing it.

Ayn Rand would probably say that I like the ego-boost, and I don't doubt there's truth in that. but aside from ego-boost, it also gives me the hope that I am doing something useful with my life, that I am justifying my existence on this planet, that I am serving in at least a small way.

I don't always manage to help people. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry, having to deal with multiple calls. Sometimes I simply don't know how to help or lack the language skills to help. I feel bad when that happens. But I'm still grateful for the times when I can help.

Some might call it corny, but I truly do feel that I have been blessed to have been hired for this job and blessed to be able to do what I have so far done in it.

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