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Slimy Pern Characters and Internal Ethics

I'm encountering a situation in a Pern RP and nociting that my reaction to the fictional situation is very different from the way I would react, if the situation were real. I'm wondering if there's something wrong to me.

I belong to a Pern RP club, DFW. In this club, the social situation is such that the gold, bronze, and brownriders essentially lord it over everyone else in the Weyr, including the blue and greenriders. In this club, one of the greenrider characters has been (either mistakenly or falsely) accused by Candidate R of a crime (basically, treason against the Weyr.) Because the accused is a greenrider and therefore lowly and contemptible, her claims of innocence are ignored, and no real effort is made to judge the veracity of the accuser's claim, and the greenrider is hauled away by the Weyr guard to await a trial.

Goldrider K, upon learning that a Candidate's word was believed over that of a rider, decides to teach the Candidate (and maybe the Candidate's bronzerider supporter) a lesson. Or perhaps she is merely trying to shed doubt on the Candidate's credibility. She walks past him, knowing full well that this simple act will get R's attention.

The Candidate, who is a character I loathe, mistakes the goldrider for a female drudge and orders her to :;ahem:: satisfy his needs in some private place. (In this Weyr, such a thing is not considered abnormal.) The goldrider leads R to her weyr, and R doesn't catch on that she is the goldrider and not the goldrider's servant.

Now, I'm reading this whole series of events, and I suspect that K is going to accuse R of rape. He's grabbed her roughly, yanked her by the hair, and slapped her. There's enough there for her to truthfully report that the guy is being a jerk, and more than enough to get him in trouble for manhandling a goldrider. My own goldrider at StarRise, Alissi, who could easily pass for a drudge (g), would have hauled off and slapped the guy--and she's a timid little thing.

The thing is, as I read this, it slowly dawned on me what K might be planning to do, and all I could think was, You go, girl! Give him what he deserves!

This is despite the fact that, in real life, I think false accusations of rape are despicable acts.

Why is it that I'm looking forward to R's comeuppance with all the bloodlust of a Roman at the gladiatorial games? Part of me is...appalled at the other part.

Maybe it's just that, in real life, I don't normally come into contact with real people who exhibit evilness of the first water.

Very, very strange.

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