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Finances on the Internet and Movie!

Finances: This evening I received the first bill for my new credit card, and I paid it online for the first time.

Wow! Paying online is so easy! Much less cumbersome than having to write out a check and mail it. Cheaper, too, because you don't have to use stamps.

This morning I set up deferred compensation (457) with my employer, and I can now handle a lot of the employee choice things--such as how much I want deducted from my salary each month--myself online, instead of having to ask Personnel to handle it. Lovely!

God, I love the Internet.

Movie: Thanks to octoberdreaming, Mark and I were able to nab tickets to a preview showing of Serenity, which shows tonight in Houston at 10pm. Horrible time to show the thing, but it will be worth it. :D

octoberdreaming--If you're there, I'll be the short, dark-haired woman wearing a t-shirt that says, in white letters, "Dance as if no one were watching." I hope we can see each other there!

I'm hitting the sack now, in hopes that I won't be a complete zombie at work tomorrow, for staying up so late tonight.

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