Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Wednesday, and All's Well

We had only one person for Job Club today; I'm hoping more will come for the Braille class.

I got into an interesting discussion in amqu's journal about emotionalism and rationalism and how/whether those shape religious beliefs in particular ways. I look forward to seeing other people's takes on the quote she took from an article.

Our friend Tom moved some of his belongings into the house last night It looks like he and Mark will defer moving the twin bed until Friday. *shakes head* Mark will be exhausted from seeing the sneak preview of Serenity the night before. But at least he'll get to sleep late before Tom shows up. I hope I survive this Friday at work. I might just go comatose at my desk. And I have this illusion that I'll be awake enough Friday evening for our usual Friday dinner out and movie. :P Zzzz.

We missed Batman Begins last week, and I would really like to go see that. I'm not keen on seeing three movies in a week, but I might just agitate for it, because I'm paranoid about Batman leaving the theatres before we get a chance to see it. I also want to see Cinderella Man.

The "I Solemnly Swear" t-shirt from Warner Brothers is on backorder--or rather, Mark's is. There must be a lot of fans who wear size XXL t-shirts or something. That's a frightening thought. I am fighting not to join their number, but I'm not fighting hard enough.

*looks at can of Lime Regular Coke and sighs* 140 calories. Rats!

I'm still reading You Can Retire Young. I'm on chapter 7 now.

Gareth proposed to Lilith last night/this morning, depending on your time zone. :) I wanted to do it on the summer solstice, but I don't get home until after Viv has gone to bed. Time zones; gotta love 'em.

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