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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Braille Trivia

British Braille does not use capitalization. I think that's pretty neat and totally in keeping with the nature of Braille, sort of like vocal grammar does not work for sign language. Fascinating!

A Wordy Question: When people say, "Word." what does that mean?

Heard at Work: "You know what the problem with my dog is? She's a shepherd. She keeps herding me where she wants to go!"

Current Music: "Fat Albert" theme song

Realizing that this lovely person with whom I share mutual FL folks is, in truth, my Weyrwoman...

Grith says *Hello!**


((Popping you into my FL, hoping you'll do the same))

D'ffed?! Grith?!

OMG!!! *faints*

Hello! And I am certainly adding you to my friends list. Who else is on LJ?

Tinker hasn't replaced Nim YET?

Chantal/Nimaleah :D