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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Weird Cult of the Day

Today's Weird Cult is: Breatharianism. I learned about this from iswari. I would never have beliewved such a group could exist if I hadn't read about it for myself. Unbelievable.

:What the true believers say
What the skeptics say

Note: I changed thr title of this entry from 'Suicide Cult' to 'Weird Cult' because the group does not embrace suicide; that is simply the inevitable consequence of voluntary starvation and dehydratioin.

Current Mood: incredulous

What a perfect icon for this post! ;-)

Heh...I was torn between using the one I chose and using the one that says, "We are STILL holding Elvis Presley's brain hostage on Planet Zort.' But I thought the one I chose summed it up better. (g)

Thank you very much for spreading the word abhout that group. I figure, the more people who know to avoid them, the better.


Wow. O_O

And, wow.


Yes. *shakes head* What is that Wiley Brooks fellow smoking?

But at least they're no longer preaching that abstaining from food is the only way--at least Brooks isn't.