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Sick Ickies and Books

Cold viruses suck rocks through a straw, just so you know. ::wrinkles nose at how throat feels::

I think I'll inflict a cold on Aerden, just to make him suffer...(g)

Well, I bought four books from Amazon, yesterday. They are:

  • World-Building by Ben Bova
  • Aliens and Alien Societies by Stanley Schmidt
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to publishing Science Fiction by Cory Doctorow
  • Controversial Essays by Thomas Sowell

The first three are books I need for my Sunside/Darkside planet story (which is still in need of a plot), and the last book is one I heard about on the Rush Limbaugh radio show from Dr. Walter Williams (Black by Popular Demand!). I like Williams, though my favorite Rush substitute is Tony Snow. I'm also thinking of buying Sowell's book, Basic Economics.

Why am I not interested in reading fiction, anymore? I want to be a writer. Writers have to read fiction, to know the market and to study other writers. I used to read nothing but fiction, when I was a kid. But now, all I want to read is non-fiction--political and philosphical essays, history, medical books, science books, books on writing. It's weird. About the only fiction book I want to read at the moment is Exile's Honor by Mercedes Lackey.

Why the change? Is it just maturity, or something else? I can't figure it out. But give me a choice between a Pern book and a medical book, nowadays, and I'll snatch up the medical book, every time.

I think I'll ponder this question a bit more...from bed. Must crawl back in. Sitting up and doing things is not helping me feel much better than lying down does.

See you later!

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