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More of Father's Day

Writing: Well, shoot.

I can't write Paul witn blond curls; it just isn't happening. It just isn't him. To heck with what the character wants, I can't do it; it feels all wrong. The guy with blond curls does not know hardship; the dark-haired man does know it. He understands it, and he can deal with it, even if it darned-near kills him. The blond

Millicent Bulstrode is not Millicent Bulstrode if she looks like Daisy Duke. Some aspects of her personality might be the same, but not all of them. Her ugliness is both her pain and the root of her power. Some of the pain wouldn't be there if she were gorgeous, and pain is an essential part of her. Not that attractive people cannot know pain, but their pain is often somewhat different than that of unattractive peopoe

The Paul issue is different, though. That's simply changing hair color, not his degree of attractiveness. Yet changing the hair color is profound in an inexplicable way. Is this just me applying my own stereotypes and prejudices, or is there something real here? I don't know.

This is so weird.

Father's Day: Father's Day was very nice. Janet and Greg's new house out in Cypress is lovely, and it's huge--five bedrooms! I got to visit with them and the boys and with my brother-in-law Scott, along with Mark's Dad and stepmother.

In addition, we watched the Fat Albert movie. It was great! When I first saw the movie poster, I thought it would be horrible, because, while the characters' clothes look fine in the cartoon, in real life, the colors are horribly garish, and the clothing looks really bizarre. But the movie was great! Total Fat Albert goodness. It not only had Bill Cosby playing himself, it also had the real guys on whom the Cosby Gang characters were based--except for Albert, who had died. I thought that bit was lovely.

Best scene: Bill Cosby fainting into Fat Albert's arms in the front doorway of his house. (g)

We came home and are watching a lecture given by David McCullough, author of the large John Adams biography. He has just come out with another book, called 1776. He was talking at length about George Washington.

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