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Father's Day

*sigh* My Dad's spending this Father's Day alone, because Mom has gone to visit my sister and her family in Florida, and I'm spending Father's Day with Mark's family. Mark's mother died in 2000. so we agreed that Father's Day should be spent with his father. I miss getting to see mine, but at least I have mine, so I'm not complaining.

Writing (silliness): I'm talking with gypsy_anna, who is trying to lure me into MoonSet Weyr. (g)

I tossed around the idea of running a cothold...

Chantal: Uh-oh...I hear some characters snickering with glee at the cothold notion. *buries face in hands*
Anna: :D
Chantal: "Shut UP, Paul, I'm not bringing you."
Chantal: Paul: "Yes, you are. You know you want to."
Chantal: Me: NO."
Anna: Paul, at MoonSet....? Heh!
Chantal: I'll see if I can beat him into submission--I mean work him into a form that would be suitable for Pern.
Anna: Okay. :)
Anna: And I shall cease the recruitment for now.
Chantal: Hm. I think I'll be very mean to my character and make him blond. *pleased look*
Anna: LOL!
Chantal: Paul: "Excuse me? I don't believe I heard that correctly. You meant to say 'blind,' yes?"
Chantal: Me: "Nope. Blond. With curls."
Chantal: Paul: *sputters* You--you--Dammit, you made me so Victorian I can't call you 'bitch.' BLOND???!"
Anna: Curls, too?
Anna: Oh, my.
Chantal: Paul: "I shall wear a buzz cut."
Chantal: Me, shrugging: "Your choice."
* * *
Chantal: We haven't even dealt with the eye color issue yet.
Anna: Fighting you all the way. (g)
Anna: Sky-blue, right?
Chantal: Actually, I was going to go for green.
Chantal: Paul: Grey. If you are going to meke me blond, I shall INSIST on that.

Writing (serious): All of this arguing with my character over hair color got Anna and me into an interesting discussion of the role that appearance plays in a character's psyche. Usually, Paul looks like a handsome devil--he has raven-black hair and dark gray eyes. But how would people react to him if he had always looked angelic--with those blond curls and lovely green eyes? How would that change his adult personality from the one I'm familiar with? It'll be interesting to speculate upon.

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