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A Survey for Pagans

I know many of you on my list are pagan of some variety and/or also interested in cultural research. You might be interested in this.

(from the journal of wcg:

I am preparing to collect data on my doctoral dissertation.

I am seeking any and all means of getting the word out to the Pagan
community world wide, which is a hidden population. Only with help
such as yours will I be able to reach the thousands of potentially
interested women willing to complete my study.

I am hoping you will consider posting a notice in your mailing list.
Also any help posting this notice in local metaphysical book stores or
other appropriate locations will be greatly appreciated.

This study will collect new data on the population and their personal
report of positive benefits gained by their association with a goddess
focused spiritual path. For more detailed information go to
the survey.

I am a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology.

I am seeking women 18 or older willing to complete a 10-20 minute
survey on the Web in mid to late summer. I hope to do a study on men
at a later date.

My research is on "The Positive Benefits of Goddess Focused Spirituality."

If you are interested send an email with "Goddess Research" in the
subject line to

Please notify your members, email lists, circle/coven/grove or others
who you feel may be interested.

I very much appreciate your help.

Rebecca Busby

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