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Autopsy Report: Terri Schiavo's autopsy report has been released, and it apparently does confirm significant brain atrophy and irreversible neuronal loss. According to the report, there is no evidence of abuse. (On the other hand, how much trace evidence does insulin leave over time?)

I am glad to finally have some concrete evidence available, rather than having to listen to a lot of he-said/she-said accusations for days on the news. Whether she was murdered or not, we may never know. But I say, may she rest in peace, and may her family find some kind of peace with this, if any can be had.

Text of Medical Examiner's Report

(EDIT): It has been noted that Schiavo's brain may have been half the normal size because of the state of extreme dehydration in which she died.

Car: We got our car back from Miller's Auto Body Shop last night, and she's running beautifully! She looks beautiful, too! We're very glad to have Siobhan back.

Writing: I'm still working on the violin story, trying to sift through my feelings about it so I can figure out exactly what the story is that I am trying to tell.

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CalvinOKeefe is sittin' on Capitol Hill with Dax

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