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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Annoying Mr. Graves

Me: *singing* "The Healer's back, and the Death-Eater's jealous. Heyla, heyla, the Healer's back..."

Paul: "You have been singing that ridiculous song in your head for the last 24 hours, young lady. Do stop."

Me: "What is this 'young lady' nonsense? I'm almost as old as you are."

Paul: "When you bounce around like a hyperactive kitten and sing sixties songs, you are 'young lady,' not 'Madame.'

Me: "Oh. Okay." *continues to sing*

Paul: *grumbles under his breath* "I wonder if I could feed that healer of hers to the thestrals?"

Me, delighted: "You're even more fun to annoy than Aerden is!"

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: "My Boyfriend's Back"

I love Paul. ::warm, fuzzy feelings:: He's delightfully snarkish, without the gloom and self-pity.

::Lushin looks up. "What was that?"::

Nothing, nothing. Go back to your patients. ::under my breath:: Wanker.

::"I heard that!"::



Poor Lushin! No respect! *giggles*

I like Paul, too. He is just so much fun!


*snicker* Winding up one's puppets is just so much fun. (My shining_ilmare still hates me for the whole Mrs. Claus business.)

Myrsine--LOL! I can just imagine! shining_ilmare looks interesting. What is it? Something about gods and goddesses? What I read looked really neat!


She's part of the Tolkienverse RPG rpg_aman. It's a rather lighthearted, informal affair with gods, elves, mortals, demons, and whatever else you please from Tolkien's works all in one place and wreaking all manner of havoc. Ilmare herself is a minor star goddess; of late, she's taken over a lot of sky-deity duties like rain and lightning and what have you, as her bosses have been kind of inactive lately, but if you know your Lord of the Rings, she's really just Elbereth's handmaiden.

Myrsine--Oh, now neat! :D I don't know my Tolkien all that well; I just read the Fellowship and The Hobbit and never got into the Silmarillion or the other books. But that is such a neat idea for an RP!


It really is a lot of fun. :)