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Annoying Mr. Graves

Me: *singing* "The Healer's back, and the Death-Eater's jealous. Heyla, heyla, the Healer's back..."

Paul: "You have been singing that ridiculous song in your head for the last 24 hours, young lady. Do stop."

Me: "What is this 'young lady' nonsense? I'm almost as old as you are."

Paul: "When you bounce around like a hyperactive kitten and sing sixties songs, you are 'young lady,' not 'Madame.'

Me: "Oh. Okay." *continues to sing*

Paul: *grumbles under his breath* "I wonder if I could feed that healer of hers to the thestrals?"

Me, delighted: "You're even more fun to annoy than Aerden is!"

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