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Pern Healer Geekiness

Okay. this is scary.

It's weird how, when I write a character, I truly do begin to think like that person. So there I was on the bus this morning, and what was on my mind?

I was working out how a Pernese Weyr infirmary would realistically be run. I was designing chart forms! I realized that there needs to be very close communication between the Weyrdragonhealer and the Weyrhealer and that someone from each profession needs to be present for at least some part of the other discipline's staff meetings, just so both groups can know what is going on in each infirmary--changes in procedures, updates on critical patients, coordinated planning of Threadfall management and triage, etc.

I also worked out that there needs to be a reliable system for immediate patient updates throughout the day, so that healers in both infirmaries can know immediately if a dragon or rider is crashing and take action to deal with the other of the pair. I started working out how this immediate update system would function.

I can't wait to do something with these ideas.

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