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Travel - Whee!

Work: I've spent the entire day working out travel arrangements for July, working out the math of whether it is less expensive to fly to Austin or to have Mark drive me there. But I completed the Travel Advance form and the Airfare Request, so I think I'm in good shape. *is relieved*

Reading: I have begun reading You Can Retire Young by Larry Ferstenou in an attempt to work out what I need to do to prepare myself for retirement. I doubt that I can retire at too young an age, because I'm not sure how much of my salary I can afford to save/invest. I will have a state pension and whatever Social Security will provide, if Social Security is still solvent when I retire, so I won't be completely out on a limb, but I do want to have a goodly portion of my own money saved up.

Thoughts: This has gotten me to thinking some about our Social Security system. From my reading, it is apparent that Americans tend in general to not save a lot--we certainly tend not to save as assiduously as we should, if we want to have comfortable retirement incomes. Too many of us rely on Social Security and/or our government pensions or 401(k)'s, and these alone just aren't going to cut it. How do we know what living expenses are going to be like in 20 years? All we can presume is that living is going to become more expensive. If we want to have a prayer of living comfortably in our old age, we really need to assume responsibility for and control of our retirement, ourselves, rather than relying on the government or our employers to do it. The more I read, the more I believe this is true. I am even beginning to wonder if perhaps Social Security should be abolished except for the disabled and for the very poorest among us. Given the projected insolvency of Social Security, this is in effect what will happen, anyway, but ending Social Security by insolvency is likely to be uncontrolled and thus very messy. I think I'd rather the government just do it cleanly and get rid of the thing at a cut-off date, if that is at all possible. There's no telling what they will do, however. It used to be that Social Security was a sacred cow. I don't know if our Congress critters have yet realized that it is in fact a millstone around their necks. They talk about reform, but, well....

Movie: Mark and I are going to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tonight. I'm looking forward to it. Also--we got Serenity tickets to the Houston sneak preview. Yea!

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