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New Bach Composition Found

The story is here. It's a two-page aria written in 1713. Wow!

Computer Stuff: I consulted with Mark about our problem copying graphics, and he thinks it might be Netscape weirdness, an error in the download feature. We're going to order Netscape 8.0 and see if installing that fixes the problem. Apparently, upgrading to 7.1 from 7.0 fixed it, last time.

The Guide Dog Says:
(Conversation between me and a co-worker)

Co-Worker to her guide dog: "Hurry, hurry! Don't stop at the desk, girl; I'm late!"
Me, speaking for her dog: "What is this 'late?' I don't understand the concept. I say, before me: Early. After me: Late."
Co-Worker: "We'll discuss this tomorrow!"

Coke: Regular Lime Coke is gooood.

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