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Aerden [userpic]
New Bach Composition Found

The story is here. It's a two-page aria written in 1713. Wow!

Computer Stuff: I consulted with Mark about our problem copying graphics, and he thinks it might be Netscape weirdness, an error in the download feature. We're going to order Netscape 8.0 and see if installing that fixes the problem. Apparently, upgrading to 7.1 from 7.0 fixed it, last time.

The Guide Dog Says:
(Conversation between me and a co-worker)

Co-Worker to her guide dog: "Hurry, hurry! Don't stop at the desk, girl; I'm late!"
Me, speaking for her dog: "What is this 'late?' I don't understand the concept. I say, before me: Early. After me: Late."
Co-Worker: "We'll discuss this tomorrow!"

Coke: Regular Lime Coke is gooood.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

Put the lime in the coke you nut...

I love plain/non-diet coke with lime... Mmmm..... Lance likes it too.

All I had ever drunk was the diet Coke with lime, which I don't care for. But regular Coke with lime is good!

Are you on vacation right now? When do you start your next rotation?


I'm not really on vacation, but I feel like I am because I am slacking so bad. I am in lecture from 8-5 M-F. I have a test on the 17th on what I am ignoring right now. My next rotation is in Bethesda, MD at the National Institutes of Health from 7/5-7/29. My rotation after that is in Houston and I fully expect to see you while I am there!!! I'll be there from 7/31-8/27. I'll be in the NICU at Baylor.

Oh, Andrea, I would LOVE to see you! :D It's been ages!

Where are you staying? We might have bed space available here. We're renting out Mark's parents' old bedroom, but we do have an extra bed where Mark's younger brothers used to sleep, and you could stay there. I'd need to talk it over with Mark, first, if you wanted to stay with us.

Anyway, I'd definitely love to see you, as often as your work schedule and sleep schedule permit!

I have to shake my head, though...Your schedule would put you in Houston at just about the hottest, most humid month of the year! But at least we have plenty of A/C.


I don't know where I'm staying yet. I'll be working at Baylor for the month and I have... no idea what part of town that hospital's in.

Everyone's been telling me how much I'm going to hate Houston since I'll be there in August when it's so hot and humid. I've been to Houston before and I liked it fine then. And I'll be in a hospital most of the time. In the air conditioning. A/C is the best invention. People act like being from AZ, I owuldn't have it in my car or something. like I'd be driving around in agonizing heat and humidity. The nerds.

I'll forward you the e-mail of where the hospital is. I'm not sure I have a current e-mail addy for you though. As for staying with you guys, that would rock. I'm currently driving 80 miles round trip to get to school from my brother's house in Phoenix, so anything up to that is doable. We'll figure it out. And if it doesn't work, then you bet I'll be bugging you guys on my days off :)

Andrea--Baylor is on Fannin Street (I think) in the Medical Center. It has easy access to both our light rail train and to buses, which at that point are reachable on Main Street, which is one block west of Fannin. I can actually get to you by bus!

Our house is within 10 miles of the Medical Center. The bus ride to the TMC Transit Center (for buses) takes about 15 minutes. If you have a car, you should be able to get there pretty quickly in the mornings.

Mu email address is still aerdensrw@yahoo.com, though I can be reached more reliably at work, these days. You can also try aerden@musevoices.org.

I would love to have you stay here, but you might be better off at another location, since we'll be renting out our guest room by the time you arrive, and the other bedroom is clutter city, right now. Tom is supposed to move in by June 26, so we might be able to straighten up the other bedroom in time. We'll see what we can do. :)