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Aerden [userpic]
If You are Familiar with Violin Music...

I need some advice on pieces which might be suitable for an undergraduate freshman violin audition that takes place in a story I am writing. The requirements are:

  • One movement of a concerto
  • At least one movement of unaccompanied Bach
  • One contrasting work of the student's choice

The pieces I propose are:

  • First movement, Violin Concerto #1 by Oliver Knussen
  • Sonata in E Minor for Harpsichord and Solo Violin by J. S. Bach
  • "Reel Around the Sun" by Bill Whelan, from Riverdance.

What I would like is for one piece to be very difficult, so that it shows technical skill, another piece to show the ability to convey emotion and technical skill in a deceptively simple work, and a third piece to show the performer's personal taste/guilty pleasure.

The student must memorize at least one piece to be considered for a music scholarship. He wants to memorize all three because he doesn't like having to turn pages while performing.

Do these seem reasonable? Is "Reel Around the Sun" totally unsuitable for a classical violin audition? How many of the works mentioned above would it be reasonable for the student to have memorized? Are there other violin works which might be better choices? I am more familiar with classical piano music than with the violin repertoire.

Many thanks for your help!


For a flashy virtuouso piece: Boccherini la Musica Notturna Delle Strade Di Madrid No. 6, Op. 30 (featured in the film Master and Commander)

Bill--Nice piece! Seth might be tempted away from Riverdance worship for that.

You realize, of course, that this simply gives me an excuse to go buy the soundrack!


Go! Buy it! You'll love it.

Sorry to intrude but YES! BUY THE MASTER AND COMMANDER SOUNDTRACK! It's absolutely wonderful!