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Nightmares, the evening of June 4, 2005

The theme of last night's dreams seemed to be flight and concealment. I would find myself somewhere, gradually realize that it was actually a safe-house or hiding place, and then I would have to leave it to find another hiding place. moonwolf41 was a private investigator/friend hiding me in one of the dreams, in which Mark was also present.

In this dream, Mark and I were inside a house, observing out a corner window as people were unburying remains at a crime scene--a lot of remains. This did not bother me; I was perfectly calm in the dream. Someone brought in some remains to the room where Mark and I were, and I actually picked up a fibula and studied it for a few minutes. Shortly after that, the dream turned into another one of flight and hiding.

Only when I woke up did I think, Oh my god, I was handling the bones of murdered people. Eeeek! I refused to let myself go back to sleep for a couple of hours after that, because I was afraid of what I might dream next. It was weird to be more upset upon awakening from the dream than I was while directly experiencing the dream. Another odd feature--Even though my mind was freaking out, my body exhibited none of the normal signs of fear, even though I was awake.

Gaming: Gaming was much fun! Our new player, Aaron, joined us. He seems like he'll be a fun addition to the game.

Work: Manning the booth at the American Council for the Blind (Texas) meeting was not all that exciting. While I was there, people were mostly attending panel discussions, and there were several other people from the Southeast and Beaumont offices there. I felt rather superfluous. It was nice to meet the other people, but I didn't feel like they really needed me. I did buy a very nice bloodstone necklace and matching earrings, though. And I came across the Texas Blind Sailors Association. I couldn't resist telling Terry, my gaming buddy who used to be in the Naval Reserves, about them. I wanted to see how white his face would turn. (g) I have to admit, I was rather stunned at the idea.

Reading: I'm still reading Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood. I didn't get very far in it yesterday.

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